About Us


ClearscopeWealth consists of a team of professionals who specialize in the various elements of Wealth Management and Financial Planning. Using a holistic approach to pinpoint individual needs, our goal is to provide a personal, customized, and effective experience for our clients.


ClearscopeWealth is a full-service Wealth Management firm that offers, investments, insurance, and planning solutions combined with concierge, high touch service. Our clients are individuals ranging from high net worth families, business owners, young professionals, and retirees. Our solutions are custom to each persons individual situation to provide the most effective results.


ClearscopeWealth has offices in New York, although we serve clients from coast to coast.


The old paradigm of wealth management involved brokers whose business was simply selling product. While some of these dinosaurs are still around, the needs of individuals have gotten much more complex. While the new Wealth Management firms are tech driven, the question is, do you need a TECH firm who can also offer wealth management, or a Wealth Management firm who can also offer you tech? RETHINK your existing relationships and understand that this contrast in perspective is what drives individuals to choose ClearscopeWealth.