Emmanuel Zisis

Vice President, Investment Advisor Representative

Emmanuel Zisis is an Investment Adviser Representative with ClearscopeWealth, LLC,. 

Emmanuel began his financial services career in 2012 with ClearscopeWealth. As an associate of the firm, Emmanuel has crafted himself as a process and goal oriented professional who works with individuals and business' alike to aid in their financial goals and needs. 
Being raised in a household with an immigrant father and 1st generation Greek-American mother, a "blue collar" work ethic was instilled from a young age. Having worked in a variety of small business' in his youth, Emmanuel developed a keen sense of understanding on the needs and goals of business', business owners, and individuals. 
Emmanuel's professional career began in 2010 as a commercial real estate agent for a brokerage firm aiding the Manhattan and Northern Queens regions. Emmanuel left the real estate industry in 2012 to pursue a career in finance. He teamed up with a group of professionals to achieve his goals and more importantly help aid others with theirs. 
Emmanuel currently resides in Long Island, NY and is an active member of his church and a variety of non-for-profit organizations.
Phone 516.345.5678 ext. 13