Many clients plan their finances by simply buying financial products 'ala carte'.  With the ever-changing economic and tax environment that we are in, we believe an effective financial strategy is about PROCESS first, not PRODUCT first.  We work with our clients by adhering to the following process:

STEP 1 ♦ Consultation

First, we'll simply get to know you, your financial situation and your needs.  You can be assured with our experience, knowledge and dedication that we will understand your personal and business goals and translate them into customized solutions.

STEP2 ♦ Analysis

Our professionals will take your input and conduct a thorough analysis of your current financial situation.  To truly offer you a comprehensive service, we leverage professionals who specialize in the areas of law, accounting, business valuation, and organizational development.  This allows us to find answers that are both effective and meaningful to you. 

STEP 3 ♦ Solutions

We understand that each person and each business is unique and therefore faces distinct challenges.  Your customized financial strategy will address the challenges that are most important to the success of your financial future.

STEP 4 ♦ Review Progress

Our relationship doesn't end with the implementation of your financial strategy.  We will meet with you on a regular basis to monitor your evolving needs and goals in light of changes in the investment markets, tax laws, etc., and will recommend changes as appropriate.  We pride ourselves on this commitment and look forward to strengthening our relationship with you over time.